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Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Welcome to B-town Real Estate, and welcome to Bloomington! I hail from Columbus, Indiana and moved to Bloomington in 1992 to attend Indiana University. In 1996, I graduated from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) with a degree in Public Affairs and a concentration in Environmental Science. While studying at IU, I worked downtown at JL Waters & Company Adventure Outfitters. Shortly after graduating, I started buying inventory for the company and spent the next four years as their main buyer. While living downtown, I fell in love with all the offerings of Bloomington; I wanted to make this my forever home.

I've been investing in Bloomington real estate for over fifteen years. I have a clear understanding of the local housing and residential investment market, property management and construction. My strong sense of function and design are great attributes to all aspects of real estate. My education and background in Environmental Science make great complements to any green real estate project, purchase or sale.

After spending years investing in Bloomington real estate, I joined Scott Owens as an assistant in June of 2006. In February of 2007, I obtained my Indiana Real Estate Salesperson License and was an integral part of the Owens Realty Group until April of 2010. I gained even more experience as an independent agent with RE/MAX Realty Professionals, which led me to start my own company: B-town Real Estate with B-town Maintenance and Renovation. Working with a team of individuals who are as committed to Bloomington as I am is inspiring; we can focus on restoring Bloomington in a modern, efficient, and earth-friendly way. In addition to real estate services, my business includes a team ready to help you with renovation and remodeling anywhere in the process!

I cater to buyers and sellers in residential, residential investment, and commercial real estate. My top-notch service means I listen to clients about their needs and find exactly what they are looking for, and my connections can sometimes seal the deal even if a property isn't currently on the market. See what I can do for you!

In my free time, I devote myself to community projects and engagement. I was on the Board of Directors for Lotus Entertainment & Arts Foundation, which sponsors the Lotus World Music Festival. My interests include cycling, mountain biking, guitar, music, photography and tennis.

My Commitment to the Environment:

Since my youth, I have been concerned about our effects on the environment. This concern led me to a degree from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs from Indiana University. As an endless environmental advocate, I am not only passionate about recycling and composting, but lead the way in remodeling homes in efficient ways. Thinking of going green in your new home? I know green. I have the information you need as well as a staff of architects, designers and contractors who will best fit your green project needs. After all, this is the mission of my business!

Put me to work for you, and get the best experience, the best results and the greenest Realtor.