Bloomington, Indiana

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Welcome to Bloomington!  Welcome to our town.

Bloomington, shortened to 'B-Town' by the locals,  is a culturally diverse mecca in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Indiana.  Home to the Indiana University Hoosiers, the town has a young vibe and hosts young professions across multiple work forces and avenues, as well as the more established folks who enjoy the great outdoors. We're situated in the middle of Indianapolis and Louisville as well as Cincinnati and St. Louis. We're truly in the crossroads of America!

We have a little bit of something for everyone.  Like music? We're loaded with dozens of live avenue hot spots and world-class festivals. Are you a foodie?  The downtown area alone has over 150 restaurants, with most of them independently owned. These places of business reflect the cultural heritage that Bloomington boasts--even the Dalai Lama has his favorite spots here in B-town!

Are you a hiker, cyclist, mountain biker, bird watcher, or just enjoy being outdoors?  Our trail systems are easily accessible and some of the best in the country.  Love the water?  Yeah, we have that too!  Lake Monroe is the largest reservoir in Indiana. Enjoy a good microbrew or a nice glass of wine?  Yup, you guessed it… we’ve got many breweries and wineries too--along with our own craft distillery!

We're the distinctive home to the Kinsey Institute and The Little 500 bike race; we're also the home to one of the best farmers markets in America and community bike shops that help citizens learn and build bikes as they go. Bloomington has so many incredible opportunities waiting for you, so if you click on these links, it's a good guide for things to do in B-town. We're sure that wherever you go, you'll fall in love just like we did. 

What do you think, be our neighbor?