Design Services

B-Town Real Estate is your full-service expert.

B-Town Real Estate has a team of full-service housing experts that range from architecture, design, buying/selling, renovation, maintenance, and property management. We’ve been helping design space layout and modern landscapes since 1998. In fact, design and building services is the foundation to B-Town Real Estate. We’ve got over 120 years of experience between our crew.
Our main objective is to provide clients with professional eyes and hands within any stage of the home process in regards to color, design, space layout, and expressions for any space. We believe that experts trained in vast amounts of different spaces inspire a more creative finished look that’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Why Us?

We do all of the professional work in-house so you don’t have to worry about different contractors coming and going. We’re people you can trust to understand you and your personal tastes. We're made of quality, and that's what you can expect.

We come highly recommended.
We’re local experts with no overhead, so the prices are fair on your budget with the taste of a big wallet. We’ve been in the business long enough to know where to shop and what to purchase, so it’s time and money efficient. We pass on the savings to you.

We’re forward thinking in design.
We’re busy following all the trends from around the world and even your backyard, so our influence is drawn from places most have never even seen. Beyond our professional training, we take influence from leading architecture collaboration, world-class design societies, magazines, and even sites you visit, like Pinterest! This keeps our work on-trend and always in style.

We specialize in low footprints.
Thinking of going green in your new home? Our background started with being environmentally friendly. Chris Clark has a degree in Environmental Affairs from Indiana University and took this with him to his business. We lead the way in remodeling homes in efficient ways and believe energy efficiency lends itself to long term savings. Our new office is entirely designed and re-built with recyclable materials and locally-sourced products. We practice what we preach.