Vova Lugovskyy - Bloomington, IN

"Chris has helped us with the buying and selling of several homes. He is very professional and has a great knowledge of the local market. He provided us with valuable suggestions on the prices and other terms of negotiation. He's a responsive Realtor ® and is dependable. His design expertise is valuable, which is why his expert advise is always helpful. He's not like everyone else.

We highly recommend Chris!"

Mike Litkenhous - Bloomington, IN

I worked with Kelly Jones as the listing agent of the house I was selling. She was great along the whole way. She was able to use her contacts in the housing industry to help me get the best deals on work that needed to be done for the house to sell. I had to have the roof replaced, the carpets cleaned and the crawl space repaired. She was able to help me with all of the work. It was a long and sometimes difficult sale, but Kelly was upbeat and professional during the whole process. Don't think you have to go with the big name companies, b-town real estate have the local touch and got the job done. Thank you Kelly.

Jeff LaFave - Bloomington, IN

"While I have not worked with B-Town Real Estate directly yet, I want to vouch for Kelly Jones, a professional real estate professional who helped me secure my first home this year.  Kelly was vital in helpfully explaining real estate concepts to me that were otherwise dusty or unknown to a relative newbie like myself. She made me feel at home at every meeting, and made every appointment a productive and helpful one. When it comes to something as important as your home, you want to work with a total professional who you can place total trust into. Kelly was that person for me.

Tonda Lee Radewan - Bloomington, IN

"I'm pleased to hear that Kelly Jones is working with B-Town Real Estate. She was pivotal in our recent, unplanned relocation. Not only did Kelly successfully locate prime office space in an extremely short time period, she was able to negotiate the terms to stay within our budget all-the-while maintaining a professional and kind demeanor (while I was really stressing out!). It is obvious that Kelly cares about her work and clients' needs. She pays attention to details that others may miss and always follows through. Kelly listens to me and if I'm not clearly expressing what I am looking for she asks the right questions to get the information she needs. The advice that she has offered to help increase the value of my home has been practical and within my budget. With referrals to the experienced repair and maintenance contacts she has made over the years, I have the confidence that the work will be done correctly and at a reasonable price."

Kendrick Johnson - Bloomington, IN

"We have used Chris for a couple of transactions, both buying and selling. He knows the market! His ability to negotiate is better than anyone I have worked with in the past. He has the knack to bring the buyers and sellers together and in the end even become friends."

Lori Treleaven - Bloomington, IN
"I just purchased my first home, and was expertly guided through the entire process by Chris Clark. From day one, Chris was committed to working for my best interests and has always given me straight-forward and honest opinions or advice. Chris patiently explained every step of the process to this first-timer, gladly worked around my schedule and was always available when I needed to contact him.

When we found the place that screamed "home" to me, it was in poor repair and needed extensive structural work. Chris' knowledge was invaluable when speaking with contractors and inspectors, and his excellence in negotiations helped win us the best solutions possible from the seller, even far beyond my expectations. I left the closing table elated at the outcome! He is an expert in everything home-related, including home rehabbing and construction.

I should also mention that Chris has not only been a professional Realtor, but a valuable guide to Bloomington. I recently moved from New York, and Chris took the time to point me towards all the amazing restaurants and attractions this town and the surrounding areas have to offer. He continues to provide reliable references to people and places to help me get started on my new home. I am impressed that Chris takes this time to make his out-of-town clients feel very welcome.

I am confident that no other Realtor could have made this journey into home ownership a better experience than Chris Clark. I highly recommend his services to everyone!"

Travis and Candace Roush - Bloomington, IN
"I would highly recommend Chris Clark as a Realtor. He has helped my family find and purchase the perfect home. He never pushed his services upon us and was always very patient. I felt like he was really listening to us and our needs. He found homes that were in our price range without compromising what we needed. He patiently walked us through every step of the home buying process and made us feel comfortable about the decisions we made. He was willing to go out of his way many evening hours and weekends to make us feel confident and satisfied with our home. You could not ask for a better realtor than Chris Clark."

Sandy and Rich Kelty Ft. Wayne, IN
"We recently purchased two condo units for our children while they are attending IU. The process could not have been smoother. With the real estate experience of Chris, his knowledge of rental/housing properties and the Bloomington neighborhoods... from start to finish, both transactions were completed quickly. He made the out-of-town process very simple and easily put our worries of owning property in Bloomington to rest. He readily aligned his schedule with our visits. He was very accessible, and we communicated multiple times via email on a daily basis as he helped us though the purchase process; from sending us properties we might consider, virtual and actual tours, and advising us during the offering phases. He helped us find a reliable home inspector and made the closing seem effortless. We had the keys in hand without a hitch.

He has continued to be a resource for us by providing us with reliable help on any home repairs/improvements with his team. He also helped us with the rental agreement paperwork for a client that was currently leasing one of the units.

His professional experience and easy-going demeanor are his strengths. We have sincerely appreciated his guidance. As parents continuing to move thought the growing stages with our children, we are confident we have made good investments for their future with the help of Chris. He became a trusted friend. I highly recommend him."